The NetFront Browser NX is in the Switch

Access just confirmed that the NetFront Browser NX is used for the Switch

Up until it’s release day, Nintendo has been quite secretive about all the technical specs on the Switch. But now that this baby is in our hand, we start to have all the details and partners are starting to talk. This is the case of Access, who just announced that Nintendo chose their NetFront Browser NX to be in the Switch. The same technology that was previously used in the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS systems.

This webkit-based internet browser supports all the most used web technologies, including CSS3, Gamepad API, WebP, WebSocket, HTTP Cache, and world leading enhanced HTML5 support. You’ll get all the details on their official website.

Access affirms that the NetFront Browser NX “enables smooth movement controlled by the arrow keys, maximises the usability of directional keypads on game controllers and more”. Of course, it also has “ultra-low levels of memory usage” since it’s on a portable console. And so far we can agree with them.


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