Spare Switch dock, kickstand and grip now available at US Nintendo Store

Nintendo starts to sell spare parts for the Switch on its official US Store

The Nintendo Store US is now selling replacement parts for the Switch. So far, there’s only three products available: the dock, the kickstand and the Joy-Con Grip (non charging version). And that’s a relief if you’ve taken a look at the flimsy kickstand behind the system. Many of us are going to break it for sure, one day or another. Plus, it’s really sold cheap so you should maybe grab a backup just in case.

The spare Switch Dock doesn’t come with any cable, it’s just the plastic case. But it could be a nice thing to have as a spare if you have two TVs at home. The Joy-Con Grip is the less interesting product here. But it could be interesting to have if you’ve bought a second pair of Joy-Cons.

Right now there’s nothing on the UK Nintendo Store.

Nintendo Switch Dock – $59.99

Nintendo Switch Kickstand – $3.99

Nintendo Switch Standard Joy-Con Grip – $19.99



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