Super Bomberman R: Konami alerts on online issues

First Super Bomberman R players encounter several lags while in Online mode

The Nintendo Switch is now out, and most of those that acquired it must be already playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild right now. But third party games have also found a way in our consoles, like Super Bomberman R. The action-packed game surely reminds us of the good old days and is a good pick for game nights with friends. But some of you might have experienced problems with their online sessions. Bummer for the bomber…

Indeed, when playing Super Bomberman R online, many gamers have had serious controller lag issues. And re-syncing the Joy-Cons doesn’t do the trick, this is a software problem. But rest assured, Konami is aware of it. They shared a tweet on their official account to let the gamers know that they’re on it. If you’ve bought the game and have these controller lags, just stick to local games. A patch is on the way.



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