Zelda Breath of the Wild: 10 tips to start your journey in Hyrule

Here's the little known fact that will get you far in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Now that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, most of you are about to embark on a journey in a desolated but beautiful Hyrule. The kingdom is full of mysteries but also full of dangers. And what’s best for you than some tips from the Nintendo Power team to kickstart your adventure. And it’s all spoiler free on the story, promise!

Everything you need will come in the first hour of the game

Yep, that’s right. Remember when Eiji Aonuma said at last year’s E3 that you can finish the game from the start (but most likely would be too weak to do it with ease)? Well it implied that you will get everything you need to finish the game in the first hour of play. Of course, we don’t recommend to be that hurried. Enjoy the ride, collect better armors and weapons, talk with the people, feel the Breath of the Wild.

Be curious, climb everything

One of the best things in Zelda: Breath of the Wild is that you can climb everything. Freedom is your friend, so are your climbing skills. And the higher you’ll go, the more rewarding will be your adventure. The game has a massive field of view, use this possibility to your advantage. Spot outposts or interesting places, use pins to mark several points of interest, be curious. Exploring might be the best way to become stronger in that game.

Stamina stops draining if you stop climbing

Yeah we know it’s logical. But it’s always good to remember that your stamina won’t drain if you just stay still on a cliffside. So when it starts raining and the wall becomes slippery, just way for it to pass. Oh and don’t forget to take a glance at the wall you’re abound to climb. If that’s too high and you don’t have food to regenerate your stamina, just find another way. Because if you fall, not even your paraglider will save you (unless you try to open it at the very last moment).

Be curious !

We just said it, be curious. When you see something peculiar or different than usual, it’s not a glitch, there’s something. Might be a shrine, might be an outpost… or maybe a special puzzle that will unlock a rare item. Nintendo really thought of filling the game with lots of these content, so sometimes a two minutes detour could give you a new weapon or tool that will save you in battle taler.

Keep a basic set of armor/weapon in your inventory

It might sound unnecessary, but it’s not. You should always have at least a Boko Club (or a Traveler’s Bow) and a Wooden Shield with you. Why? Because nature is unforgiving, and lightning strikes hard. Yep, you’ve read right, if you carry a metal equipment when there’s a storm, you might get electrocuted. So be ready to switch them quick. Oh and stay away from enemies wearing metal if there’s a storm…

Sometimes, it’s best to admit that a Shrine is too difficult

Hyrule is absolutely massive. And throughout the land rest more than a hundred shrines. Waiting patiently for you to solve their puzzles. But sometimes, you’ll get stuck with challenges too tough for your mind, and that’s ok. Just leave the place and come back later. The Shrine’s emplacement will stay marked on the map, and you can still use it as a fast-travel point.

Horses can die, don’t get too attached…

We’ve already seen this in several gameplay videos. Wild horses that you’ll catch and tame in Hyrule won’t be the invulnerable companions from previous Zelda games. It will require time and patience to create a bond with the one(s) you decide fit for your adventure. But don’t get too attached, because eventually they might get too much during battle, and fall. That’s why you should not focus on one specific horse but at leat two of them. Just in case.

Fire good. Raw baaad.

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild, developers thought of new ways to apprehend nature and have infinite possibilities. You can play with chemistry or physics, you can learn the behaviour of wild animals to better hunt them, and of course you can prepare your own meals to survive. Or you could just eat that piece of raw meat like the savage you are? Nope, just nope. Cooking dishes is an essential part of the game. Sometimes it might just be to create a recipe that gives extra health, or a consumable that will give you extra heat/cold protection. And that will save your life when facing a Guardian or a boss.

The environment is a useful friend

Just like we said, Nintendo developers thought of implementing a dynamic environment in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And it might come really handy during fights. Don’t relate only on your skills, take down that beehive right next to those Bokoblins and grab some popcorn. Take down this tree to smash them, put grass on fire all around them… you know where we’re getting at. The environment can be at your advantage if you have enough imagination.


Socialise with the people

Starting in a place where nature took back it’s rights might make you think that there’s almost no one out here. Well, we can’t say too much about it (remember, no spoilers) but you will definitely encounter people during your journey. Don’t be shy, go talk to them. Because just like in Majora’s Mask, a lot of these guys and girls have things to share that might lead to a side quest. Or maybe they’ll just get you into a trap… but that’s adventure right!

Bonus Tip

As a last recommendation before you take your journey in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, remember that help can also come from outside the game. How? Well, if you have an amiibo from any Zelda series and you find yourself in need of food, or arrows, herbs and stuff like that, just scan them. You can also get a weapon and armor, really handy when you don’t have anything left in battle. Here’s details on what every amiibo will give you in the game. And even if you have amiibo from another series, you’ll get something!

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