The Sun compares 1-2 Switch to a sex act simulator

1-2 Switch a sex act simulator? Well here's something not troubling at all...

It doesn’t come as a surprise but The Sun has a rather unusual way of describing the party-game 1-2 Switch. No, it’s not another star caught in the act of some shameful thing related to video games. This time, it’s just the game itself that poses a problem to the journalists that got a shot at the mini-game Milk that find it rather… sexual.

For their defense, they’re not the first ones to point out this. You can see an example of what they’re talking about in the promotional video below (at 0:10).

“There were a lot of nervous chuckles and a certain amount of sexual innuendo when we played it. You have to sit opposite the other player and look each other in the eye whilst grabbing the remote and tenderly pulling it down. This cow milking game is a lot like a sex act simulator.” – The Sun

1-2 Switch will release on Friday 3rd March along with the Nintendo Switch.


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