The Nintendo Switch eShop region can be changed

First Nintendo Switch users confirm that the eShop isn't region locked.

This doesn’t as a really big surprise since the Nintendo Switch is region free. But now it’s confirmed: we can change the eShop region to any in the world. No limit! The information comes directly from Laura Kate Dale’s Twitter account, passed on through the NeoGAF forums.

While it is a little tricky on the Xbox One to access other region’s Game Store, the Nintendo Switch is quite similar to the PlayStation 4 in terms of region lock: there isn’t any. Therefore, if you’re in Europe, you will be able to create a Japanese or North American eShop account. You won’t have to own a foreign credit card or have a local address, the Nintendo servers don’t ask anything to have access to other regions games.

However, there seems to be only one condition: if you buy a game in a specific region, you will only be allowed to buy DLCs in the same region. Not that much of a bother…

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