GAME UK is cancelling Nintendo Switch pre-orders

Well that's something no Nintendo fan wants to hear...

It’s just a matter of hours now to get our hands on the upcoming console of Nintendo, the Switch (in case some of you were living in a cave…). And if excitement is the only feeling we should have right now, some of us in the UK are totally disappointed by GAME.

Indeed, the gaming shops have cancelled the Nintendo Switch order of several customers that pre-ordered it. The retailer issued a statement a few hours after gamers started to express their rage on social media. In it, they say that the problem occurs as a “cancelled order” message when the automated payment isn’t going through.

As for the technical part, there’s no detail on if the problem comes from something on their side or from the clients. GAME didn’t say if those customers that have a valid payment option but received an error were able to have a kind of special access to get their hand on the console. Let’s just hope that you’re not in those poor fellas and that they’ll have a way to get their console in time!

In the event that there is an issue with payment not going through from a customer’s card issuer, an automated ‘cancelled order’ notification is sent to the customer. We’re speaking to the small number of customers affected, and working to make sure they still have the opportunity to get their hands on a new Nintendo Switch.


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